Mobile Water Purification and Desalination System

Potable Water

From ANY Source

The GALMOBILE™️ system desalinate and purify water from any source and turns it into fresh drinking water.

Small community water supply
First responders water supply

Advanced Technology

That Guarantees Drinking Water

GALMOBILE™️ advanced technology, developed in Israel, created to offer efficient and immediate solution for the water crisis all over the world.

One of a kind

Pure Water
Anytime, Anywhere

Drinking Water

In Less Than 5 Minutes

GALMOBILE™️ is an exceptional solution that boasts of highly advanced engineering. It operates with remarkable efficiency, capable of transforming any source of water into drinkable water in just five minutes. The entire purification process is seamless, beginning with the initial pumping of liquid from its source and ending with the delivery of safe-to-drink water. With GALMOBILE, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your water is ready for consumption in a matter of minutes.

desalination system

How It Works?

In this video, you’ll discover how innovative artificial intelligence technology is used to detect the salinity of water and determine whether it is sweet, salty, or brackish. You’ll also learn about the advanced processes that guide the water through various membranes, which filter, or ultrafilter is being used in order to desalinate it, as well as how the technology performs bacteriological treatment and removes any unpleasant odor and taste from the water, all in just five minutes.

Pure Water

Under WHO Quality Standards

GALMOBILE™️ purified water meets the quality standards recommended by the World Health Organization. Health authorities from various countries have conducted specialized laboratory analyses, which confirm that the liquid treated by this innovative system is safe for human consumption and meets international parameters.

Small community water supply
Small community water supply

Life Saver Solution

GALMOBILE™️ is a life-saving technology that provides clean drinking water to millions worldwide. With its innovative features, it revolutionizes the water purification and desalination process, promoting sustainable development and ensuring safe and healthy water for communities in need.